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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Malbec Bay?
Malbec Bay is here to guide you discover the world of wine. Each box is uniquely designed to take you to the next level of your wine journey. Our goal is to teach you and immerse you in the experience of wine tasting.

How do I personalize my wine box?
We want your experience to be unique and exclusive. Tell us everything about who’s receiving the box and we make sure they feel special. We put careful thought and detail in each of our products. Tell us their favorite activities, their hobbies, favorite colors, and the occasion to celebrate. The rest is on us!

What are the Malbec Bay wine experiences?
Our experiences are designed to go “beyond wine”. We want you to immerse yourself into this magic universe via different experiences. You can choose among “Blind Tasting Game”, “Experience the Reds” or a “Mixed Tasting” to compare aromas, flavours, and unique qualities of each wine. Our tasting rotates and you can do this experience many times. Pro tip? Save your teaching elements and return to taste other wines. Loved one wine in particular? Order a single bottle to enjoy at home or gift the experience to someone you admire. 

Where do you currently deliver?
We are currently delivering in all Tampa Bay area. Or deliveries are one on one, hand delivered to enhance the experience. 

How can I access to the “Tasting video”?
Each box has a QR link to easily access our teaching tasting video. Our goal is to teach you how to taste any wine from now on. Concise, yet full of knowledge, our video will guide you to the basics of wine tasting explaining things like colors, aromas, and flavours. 

Where can I find more information about the world of wine?
Check our blog section on our website to continue your wine learning journey.

An adult 21+ must be available to sign upon delivery.

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