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Discover Alpamanta Winery: Pioneers of Organic Viticulture

Organic Vineyards

Located in the heart of Mendoza, Argentina, Alpamanta Winery stands as a testament to sustainable viticulture, combining a deep love for the earth with innovative organic practices.

Founded in 2005 by three close friends—Andrej Razumovsky from Austria, his cousin André Hoffmann from Switzerland, and Jeremie Delecourt from France—Alpamanta was born from a rich lineage of wine heritage and a shared passion for the craft. The founders brought together their families' backgrounds, including the noble Sayn Wittgenstein family with vineyards in Moldavia and Jeremie’s lineage, which boasts rosé production at Chateaux de la Crois Bontar in the Cotes de Provence.

Alpamanta, which translates to "Love for the Earth" in the local indigenous language, reflects the winery's philosophy and operations. This name is not merely a title but a declaration of the winery’s dedication to coexisting harmoniously with nature, fully embracing the practices of organic farming and biodynamics inspired by Rudolf Steiner.

Mendoza's unique climate—characterized by its desert conditions, an abundance of sunny days (almost 330 annually), and minimal rainfall—provides an ideal setting for organic viticulture. Alpamanta leverages these conditions, using drip irrigation to conserve water and reduce waste efficiently, while also managing the vast diurnal temperature variations that help produce grapes with balanced sugars and acidity.

The vineyard is free from any chemical or synthetic interventions such as herbicides or fungicides. Instead, it thrives through natural methods, with diverse flora and fauna, including farm animals like sheep and cows, which play a crucial role in managing weeds and pests organically. The vineyards are not only certified by Argencert, a part of Ecocert, but also hold a prestigious Biodynamic certification, ensuring that every bottle from Alpamanta is a product of rigorous eco-friendly standards.

Organic wines

The winery’s commitment to the environment extends to every aspect of its operations, from the soil to the stars. The winery utilizes an astronomical calendar to time key activities like pruning, harvesting, and bottling in alignment with the lunar cycles, promoting optimal growth and wine quality.

At the helm of Alpamanta’s wine production is Victoria Brond, a talented winemaker whose expertise helps translate the winery’s organic practices into exquisite wines. Her approach combines traditional wisdom with modern techniques, ensuring that each bottle embodies the purity and essence of its terroir.

Alpamanta Winery not only crafts wines but also cultivates an experience—an invitation to savor the rich, nuanced flavors of organically grown vines and to participate in a movement that respects and nurtures the planet. As more wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs seek out sustainable and environmentally friendly wines, Alpamanta continues to stand out, offering a sip of Mendoza's best, crafted with respect for nature and a passion for quality.

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