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Elevate Your Gathering with Malbec Bay's Wine Bar Service

Wine Bar Service

Looking to take your upcoming gathering to new heights? Look no further! At MalbecBay we specialize in creating unforgettable wine experiences tailored to all types of events. Our Wine Bar Service is the ultimate solution to elevate your next occasion.

With our Wine Bar Service, we bring the sophistication of a wine bar directly to you, taking care of every detail. From hand-picked, curated wines to elegant wine glasses and essential tasting tools, we provide everything you need for a memorable wine experience.

But here's the best part: you only pay for the open bottles. Our knowledgeable wine educator will be right there, guiding you through the nuances of each varietal, exploring wine regions, unraveling the art of winemaking, and much more.

To further enhance your event, we go the extra mile by suggesting wines that perfectly complement your selected food menu. This ensures that every sip and bite harmoniously combine to create an exceptional culinary experience for your cherished friends and family.

To learn more about our Wine Bar Service, contact us today at (386) 333-8418 or email

Elevate your gathering with the finesse and expertise of MalbecBay, where wine meets unforgettable moments.

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An adult 21+ must be available to sign upon delivery.

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