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Facts about Malbec you need to know!

Updated: May 27, 2022

Malbec is a red full-bodied wine, noted for its intense dark colour and fruit explosion. Malbec offers a wide range of aromatic profiles associated with its terroir. In general, its aromas are reminiscent of cherries, strawberries, plums, raisins, black pepper, and in some cases, cooked fruits. Aged in oak, it acquires notes of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. In the mouth, it fills the palate with its sweet, silky tannins.

Awesome Facts about Malbec

  • Argentinian Malbec loves elevation. Argentina has the highest elevation vineyards in the world at 10,922 feet (3.329 m) above sea level. Located in Jujuy’s wine region.

  • Argentina is home to the largest vineyard area of Malbec in the world. Today the country leads the production of the grape with 75% of all the acres in the world.

  • Malbec is being increasingly used for white and rosé wines. Despite being a red grape, it is increasingly being used to make white and pink wines.

  • Malbec leaves a magenta-tinged rim. This wine has a unique color, a nearly opaque and very deep purple. This deep color will always leave a magenta rim when you are finished drinking a glass, so if you are ever in a blind tasting and see some magenta residue on the rim, is a Malbec!

Malbec Food Pairing

  • Malbec pairs perfectly with steak, combining a short finish with an acidic and sweet flavor profile.

  • Additional suggestions: duck, chicken leg, lamb, beef, ostrich, buffalo, and pork shoulder.

  • The versatile wine also pairs with funky cheeses like blue cheese, and goat cheese.

  • Vegetables & Vegetarian Fare: mushroom, roasted vegetables, green and red bell peppers, potato, arugula, kale, chard, grilled endive, onion, beet, tempeh, lentils, black beans, and forbidden rice all pair beautifully with Malbec.

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