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Holiday Food and Wine Pairing Guide

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

It's our favorite season—a time for celebration, getting together, love, and lots of delicious food and fantastic wines!

Impress your friends and family with our holiday food and wine pairing guide, and ensure they get the most out of each dish.

Pinot Noir pair well with earthy flavors

Red wines like Pinot Noir, which is light-bodied yet full of savory depth, pair particularly well with dishes made with earthy ingredients like mushrooms and lentils. Pinot is also often delicious alongside salmon, proving that red wine and fish can go together brilliantly.

Chardonnay goes great with fatty fish or fish in a rich sauce

With robust fish like swordfish or any type of seafood in a rich sauce, silky whites are great, like as many Chardonnays from California, Chile, or Australia.

This combination works nicely since the wine's acidity helps to clear your palate. Additionally, this wine has sufficient body to complement the creamy flavor of the sauces.

Sauvignon Blanc goes with tart dressings and sauces

Scallops with a grapefruit-onion salad are an example of a tangy dish that won't overpower Sauvignon Blanc. Goat cheese, grilled or sautéed fish and vinaigrette goes nicely with these high-acid wine as well.

Malbec pairs fabulous with juicy red meat

Steaks and lamb dishes pair wonderfully with Argentinian Malbec. The firm tannins cut through the fat and protein, which in turn smooth out the tannins. It's a perfect symbiotic relationship in each bite.

Malbec also is bold enough to drink alongside foods brushed with heavily spiced barbecue sauces — just be careful that the sauce isn't too sugary-sweet, which can throw off the wine's fruit.

Syrah for highly spiced dishes

When meat is heavily seasoned, look for a red wine with lots of spicy notes. Syrah is a fantastic option! Be careful with spice heat, however: for hot dishes like those, try to avoid high-alcohol wines, which will amplify the sizzle.

Hopefully, our guide to holiday wine and food pairing gave you the ideas you need to impress your guests!

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