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In-home Wine Tasting Experience

Updated: May 9, 2023

In-Home Wine Tasting

Malbec Bay Wine Tastings are the perfect way to indulge in sophisticated fun with friends and family!

Our knowledgeable wine educator will guide you through the wine-tasting process, teaching you about the characteristics of each varietal and how to taste wine like a pro. We take care of everything! We bring wine glasses, curated wines, tasting tools, water, and more.

We customize your wine tasting to fit your group's preferences- whether you prefer reds, whites, or a mix of both, we create a tasting menu that everyone will enjoy. We offer a range of wine tastings from 3 Mixed Wines, Wine & Cheese Pairings, to a Blind Tasting Game.

We come to your home in the Tampa Bay area.

Wine Tastings Menu:

  • 3 Mixed Wines $ 35

  • 3 Red Wines $ 37

  • 4 Mixed Wines $ 42

  • Blind Tasting 4 Mixed Wines $62

  • Wine & Cheese Pairing (4 wines and 4 kinds of cheeses) $62

The classes run for up to 2 hours. Price includes curated wines, set up & clean-up, wine glasses, tasting tools, water, and minimal decor. Prices per person. Taxes not included

Call or text (386) 333-8418 or email for more information!

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An adult 21+ must be available to sign upon delivery.

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