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Picking a wine for Dad based on his personality

Since all dads are unique, here are the types of wines that describe your father’s personality

Driven and Independent: Cabernet Sauvignon

Like Cabernet Sauvignon, he can become quite a strong character, unfazed by conflict but full of wisdom. He is not affected by outside forces and can thrive in solitude. He can easily adapt to new surroundings and can even stand out, given that he is in an ideal situation where his strengths can be cultivated. He is a great listener and people turn to him for advice.

Flexible: Malbec

He is flexible and can handle just about anything that comes his way. He likes immediate solutions to real problems and solves them energetically. He has an uncanny ability to perceive other’s feelings. He focuses is on the now; theories and conceptual ideas bore him. He’s spontaneous and enjoys people around him day by day.

Idealistic and Loyal: Cabernet Franc

He is deeply curious about the environment around him and is an expert at implementing ideas that solve bigger picture problems. He is often the one who sees the potential in other people. He adapts quickly to nearly every scenario unless it goes against his core values.

Focused and Abstract Thinker: Pinot Noir

He has a fresh, elegant, and graceful attitude that everyone craves in their lives. He’s extremely smart, and appreciates good art, music, and literature. He loves theories and abstract ideas more than he likes to socialize.

Funny: Sauvignon Blanc

He succeeds in nearly everything he does, whether it’s work or social life, and he’s always up for a good time. He loves backyard BBQs, sunset happy hours, and listening to rock on XM radio.

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