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Zorzal Vineyards & Winery

Updated: May 27, 2022

Zorzal is a boutique winery that started in 2007 by the Michelini brothers. Maximum respect for the terroir and minimal intervention in the winemaking are the two pillars of Zorzal Wines. Through their wines, they seek to convey to the world the essence, excellence, and uniqueness of our terroir – Gualtallary, in the Uco Valley, Mendoza.

Zorzal wines are born in Gualtallary, in the county of Tupungato, in the northern region of the Uco Valley. It is the highest altitude area planted with vines in the valley and has unique characteristics that make it an exceptional place to produce terroir wines.

In their quest to reflect the greatest expression of the terroir, Zorzal Winery constantly innovates in its winemaking with minimal intervention. Thus, their incorporate roll fermenters (barrels that rotate on a central axis supported by rollers), cement eggs, and amphorae, among other vessels. They also harvest the same varietal at different times and use micro-vinification in oak barrels.

Zorzal’s vineyards are located at about 1350 meters (4400 feet) above sea level. This altitude helps to produce a large difference between the day and night temperatures.

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